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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chukotka in Feb 2010!

Yes! I am currently planning my return on the trail in Chukotka in 2010.

The physical recovery from my back injury has moved along fantastically well since I came out of my "turtle shell" cast on April 20th 2009.

During the last few months of “physical therapy”, I have been able to enjoy a few great treks in Europe such as being able to complete solo the classic GR20 through Corsica in early July in 7 days, while carrying a minimum weight as the picture on the left can attest!

This of course, felt a far cry from what I am preparing to endure once again this winter in the frozen tundra of Chukotka… In deed these European summer treks were more like very enjoyable and beautiful entertaining hikes, allowing me to hop along from one “refuge” to the next while enjoying incredible scenery!

For now, I am in Moscow where I am planning and organizing the logistics for my return in Chukotka in February 2010, meeting with representatives of different Russian outdoor companies , gear manufacturers and food suppliers.

Of course, I also plan to continue to enhance my well established relationship with my current American, Canadian, Japanese and French sponsors.

However, it is important for me to clearly understand what is available within the Russian domestic market, which in some case might be my only option for resupply in order to circumnavigate restrictive customs regulations in some parts of the Russian Federation such as while completing my last trekking section in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug.

While in Moscow, I also had the great pleasure to meet with the explorers Dmitry & Matvey Shparo to share experience on our mutual Bering Strait crossings and learn from both of them important tips on how to proceed forward safely through Russia as well as gain additional valuable contacts.

In the last few months, I also have had the pleasure to become a member of the illustrious The Explorers Club and presented at their Northwest "Compass" symposium on San Juan Island in Washington State in April 2009.

Finally, I also had a pleasure to make a French presentation on Nexus expedition to a group of enthused students at Charles Wright Academy in Tacoma, Washington State, USA in March 2009.

For now, привет из Москвы!


Cinnamon said...

Best of luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dimitri!
Sorry to hear about your back! Man what a bout of bad luck! But I'm glad you're healing well, just wanted to check in and see how the adventure is going. It sounds like despite the obstacles you're still happily pushing on. I'm glad to hear it!

Pavel said...

Hi, Dimitri!
Is very glad, that you safely restore the health. The unsubdued routes still wait for you!
I am admired, that you had pleasure to visit in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, in Kazan and still in Belarus!
Moreover also met the father and son Shparo! It so is interesting!
I hope for our meeting in February on Chukotka. Here temperature already -20С. The frost amplifies. But people as always warm and friendly:)
I wish good luck both all most good to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Дима! Вернись к первому варианту по берегу Эгвекинот - Шмидт - Певек и дальше. Пусть Ваеги останутся аппендиксом. Бери фатбайк и берегом. Здесь плотный снег и много охотничьих домиков. Могу составить компанию. В Ваегах уже навалило много рыхлого снега и по Арктике быстрее получится. Я тут постоянно хожу и езжу, взгляни на мой сайт www, Юрий

Anonymous said...

Дима иди берегом на Шмидт и далее на Певек. В Ваеги слишком много рыхлого снега. Могу составить компанию. Мой сайт www,

Anonymous said...

Привет, Дмитрий! Как-то у меня долго болела спина, причём больше года ;) Перепробовал всё, а помогло втирание таблетки мумиё после вечернего купания в позвоночник. За три дня! Через пару лет летая на параплане сильно разбился - тем же средством восстановился за неделю.
Может всё же через Певек, оцени сложность пути на Купол
И напиши уже что-нибудь! Капасёв

Cinnamon said...

Good luck! Looking forward to updates on this latest adventure

Dimitri Kieffer said...

Thank you all for the feedback!

Yuri, I do like your site!
I have decided to take the southern route a few years ago, the day I went south in Anguema.
The southern route is shorter but much more complex since it has sections deprived of any winter roads.
Out of Vayegi, I should only have about 250kms of frozen rivers and open bushy tundra until I get to a winter road!
I am committed to do this section with Yakut Nyurgun Efremov but let's keep in touch for future sections. One never knows what the future might entails!

Kapasev, hope your back is feeling better and I hope that mine will hold strong over the next few months!