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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Testing self-posting capabilities

This is just a test to define whether I can self-post on the website while on the road. Currently still in anadyr and currently finalizing gear for myself and my Yakut expedition partner Nyurgun Efremov. Transportation to the remote outpost of Vayegi , (our starting point) 700 kms of tundra and rivers away also represents a challenge that we are currently trying to solve


Anonymous said...

Testing self-posting capabilities while leaning back in my office chair and sipping my Starbucks latte ;-)
Have a great trip, Dimitri!


Cinnamon said...

What?! You didn't know about the 700 kms of tundra? ~;>

Take care~
p.s. how apropos- the captcha is POLES

Dimitri Kieffer said...

Thank you Jorg and please enjoy this coffee for me!
While you are it, go ahead and have a COOL frappuccino!

Cinnamon, Oh, trust me, I was fully aware of the 700kms of tundra that we need to cross to get to my starting point in Vayegi but this is Chukotka, and transportation planning over here always come with lots of surprises, unless of course one would be willing to fork out thousands and thousands of dollars to book his own Wezdehod/Trico (Tank/Massive all Terrain vehicle). At this stage, we are evaluating different options and are looking to travel with additional cargo on either a Ural/Trico/Wezdehod or even a sanris/ambulance helicopter if one is planning to leave soon with sufficient cargo space...

Anonymous said...

Checking in on you after reading about thawing undersea permafrost in Russia.

Remember: if you see hungry predators, you only have to run faster than Nyurgun!

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