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Monday, May 28, 2012

Yakutsk TV and Children Magazine interviews

While I am back in Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russia, I have been able to obtain copies of additional interviews in the Russian language,  Gulnara and I conducted  back in October 2011.

In addition, you can view here: the previous interviews that were conducted in October 2011 and have already been posted.

Additional interviews that have been conducted this week in Russian and Sakha/Yakut languages will be added as well when they become available.

Sooo, here are the new pieces for the Russian listeners/viewers:

TV interviews:
- ГТРК САХА - GTRK Sakha TV - Yakutsk - Oct 10, 2011 (in Russian)

- НВК САХА - NVK Sakha TV - Yakutsk - Oct 10, 2011 (In Russian)
This 2d TV interview was tailored for a children TV program.

Children Magazine Interview:

This was our first interview for a children magazine and I must say that we were quite excited to share our story in writing with a younger audience, (as we have done in the past in numerous school presentations), hopefully motivating some of them, if they can,  to go out and enjoy their surroundings while walking, skiing ,rowing or riding a bike!

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