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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Training in Western Russia

Here is a very quick update!

First of all, I am sending this email through my PDA & satellite phone to test my communication tools before I get back into the tundra!

I have already been back for a few days training with some of my new gear in Western Russia, (mostly in Moscow & in Kazan, in the republic of Tatarstan), and already getting acclimated to milder temperatures varying between from -5c to -25c°

And I would like to take this opportunity to state that I am very satisfied with some of the new products provided by some of my kind sponsors such as my Atlas snowshoes 12, as well as my Westcomb shells, ESS Turbofan goggles, Ibex clothing, Gregory bags, Treksta & Nuun products!

I am now scheduled to fly Moscow-Magadan with the Russian airline Transaero on Feb 4th 2011.

Currently assessing with local authorities & contacts in Magadan and Evensk how I will be able to then transport myself and my gear from Magadan to Paren via Evensk & Vernyi Paren.

Also currently planning the purchase and shipping of dehydrated food & white gas stove fuel for this coming section of approximately 700kms between the Koryak village of Paren (Kamchatka Koriak Okrug) and Omsukchan (Magadanskaya Oblast).

That's all for now!
Paka, Paka!

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