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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shooting for February 2011!

On track to resume the expedition in February 2011 in the Koryak village of Парень (Paren), in the Northwestern corner of the Koryak Okrug, which is itself in the Northwestern corner of the Kamchatkan region, in Far-Eastern Russia.

I plan to return to Paren via:
- Moscow-Magadan-Evensk by plane
and then proceed
- Evensk-Verhny Paren-Paren by vezdehod and/or snowmobile.

I will then start in Парень (Paren), where I last left off in June 2010, and proceed towards Omsukchan by foot, using skis and snowshoes while pulling a 150-200 lbs sled.

I plan to complete this coming spring 2011, the 700 kms section which separates Paren from Omsukchan.

Once in Omsukchan, I will be able to join the M56 Kolyma Highway also known as the infamous "road of bones" .

At that point, I will have completed and therefore connected by human power, what I like to call the "missing link" between Omsukchan, Russia and Anchorage, Alaska,USA.

This"missing link" is indeed where no connecting paved roads exist between the European & Asian continents and the American continents.

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