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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hopefully leaving Evensk tomorrow morning!

I have been told repeatedly today by "The Powers at be" to be ready for a 10am departure tomorrow morning, Saturday Feb 26th, out of Evensk, and bound for Verhniy Paren via Chaibura!
After having waited patiently for 17 days in Evensk, I am definitely looking forward to progressing towards my 2011 starting point: Paren (aka Urs Paren, Kamchatka Koryak Oblast) .
Not quite sure yet what mode of transportation it is going to , how long it is going to take and what weather we are going to face, but yes, I am excited to get on my way!

As a departing note, and since I will not be able to post anything else but text for the next month, I am leaving you all with a few more shots taken "dowtown Evensk" as well as a few I took while recently watching Koryak & Even children dance.

Tearing down old structures downtown Evensk to recycle firewood!
It's -42c and the town needs all the heat it can gets!

Koriak Dance & Even Dance

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Cinnamon said...

The little girl is so beautiful!