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Friday, February 25, 2011

Departure Delayed because of a Purga!

It would appear that the "powers at be" sadly do not control the weather!
A lovely purga/storm arrived in town last night and might stay around for a few more days, delaying any potential departure...
As my Russian roomates said: "Well, if we would have drink last night to celebrate your departure, this surely would not have happened!"

At least, it's Banya day!

Finally, here are a few shots from the local bakery, taken a few days ago, where one can always count on a good Russian loaf of bread!

See the dog wrapped up in the corner,
hoping to get an offrand from a passing-by customer...

Paka! Paka!

1 comment:

Faysal said...

Hi, Dimitri.
I just found out about your expe and it look like a great adventure:)
I wish you good luck and dont forget to be safe :)