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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Nexus Trailer Video and Ready to Blast Off!

After having spent the last week in Yakutsk, solving different logistical issues, I must say that I am now finally ready to BLAST OFF out of the Republic of Sakha! 

But, before, anything else, let me share with you the following video:

2012 Nexus Expeditions Trailer - Promotional Video

 It is a short concoction of some of the videos, Gulnara and I have shot on the trail over the years and that were edited by our friends at 1iOpen Productions.

Now, yes, I am indeed, planning to finally blast off tomorrow out of Yakutsk, Yakutia/Sakha Republic, Thursday May 31st, with hopefully a a truly healthy bicycle!

 Over the last few days, with the help of my local friend Kyril Popov at Stark Yakutsk, we have modified my Surly Big Dummy to make it as robust as possible so that it can sustain the upcoming challenging 2240 kms between Yakutsk and Chita, with the first 1000 kms unpaved.

We have replaced the broken free wheel hub, a worn out cassette, two of the chain rings.
We have also repaired disk breaks, installed a mighty rolling jack ass centerstand (from our friends at Haulin’ Colin) and wide loaders from our friends at Xtracycle.

Kyril Popov’s father, Volodya Popov intrigued by the new contraption, asked me last night how fast I thought I was expecting to fly with these "new wings" on my long crocodile.
No idea yet, but I am about to find out!

So, at first, I am planning to get back as quickly as I can to the point where I last stopped in October 12th 2011, when my free wheel hub broke 150 kilometers south of Yakutsk, on the M56 highway, at the following location: N60̊ 56.186 E128̊ 44.982
between Katchiktasi and Ulu, Republic of Sakha, Yakutia, Russia.

Getting Back to 2012 starting point: Km 150 marker on M56 

From there, I will proceed further south towards Aldan, Neryungri, Never and Chita, 2230 kms away, where I will hopefully be joined by Gulnara to continue our journey towards Mongolia.

Yakutsk - Chita - Ulan Bataar Nexus Route

At this time I would like to say goodbye and a big THANK YOU to our friends in Yakutsk that have so kindly welcomed Gulnara and I in last October 2012 as well as having welcomed me this last week:
Popov family, Arbugaev family @ Chochur Muran, Platonova family, Bolot Bochkarev and Egor Fedorov.

Thank you all for the help and having taken the time to share with me a slice of your Sakha life!
Hopefully, our paths will cross again!

Finally, before departing, I would like to take a moment to thank all of my current 2012 sponsors for their support and in particular my friends at:  Egan Associates, Ibex, Ortlieb USA, Westcomb, Light and Motion,  Universal Distro, Lärabar, Nuun, 1iOpen Productions, Avia Partner/авиа-партнер, Xtracycle, GoPro, Human Edge Technology, Davis Sign company, Free Range Cycles, Stark Yakutsk, Rite in the Rain and Rolling Jack Ass!

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