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Monday, October 24, 2011

Written Press Interviews October 2011

Here are recent written interviews that were conducted on Nexus Expedition in Yakutsk in early October 2011 and in Kazan in late October.

Update May 30th 2012:  Additional interviews conducted in Yakutsk have been posted HERE.

Якутия Oct 7th 2011

ГТРК "Саха" TV Interview summary Oct 2011

AskYakutia website Oct 2011 (in English), Oct 8th 2011

Sakha News Website Oct 2011
SakhaNews октябрь 2011

Якутск вечерний Oct 14th 2011

наше время Oct 7th 2011

Update - Oct 30th: After having flown out of Yakutsk to Moscow, I took the night train to come and visit my girlfriend Gulnara's family in Kazan where I spent the next 10 days before my Russian visa ran out.
During my visit in Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan, Russia),
Gulnara and I spent some time at the new and interesting Museum of Socialist Life, where we were interviewed by a few local newspapers and websites.
Here are copies of some of these interviews (in Russian):

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