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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Departing Myaundzha, Magadankaya Oblast

Current Location:
Myaundzha, Magadanskaya Oblast
N 63° 02.773
E 147° 10.928

Thursday Sept 1st 2011
Day 20th
656 kms completed
Approximately 1350 kms until Yakutsk

Getting ready to leave Myaundzha where we were given a room for the night in the guest workers apartments/dormitories complex (общежитие) and even had free access to the power plant beautiful 50 meters swimming pool which we had all for ourselves!

Since Susuman, we also stopped one night at the gold mining settlement of Bolshevik where we were welcomed by Ruslan, the chief engineer who even offered us his room, chocolates and French cognac!

We are currently crossing the Northwestern region of Magadanskaya Oblast, a beautiful region, where we are enjoying the great colors of the fall foliage and a lot less traffic!

I wish I could take the time now to write a detailed report on all what we have experienced since Orotukan but we need to prioritize riding our bikes forward before the snow starts falling, moving 300kms further in a northwestly direction to Ust-Nera in the Sakah (Yakutia) Republic.

And I regret to say that I currently cannot post any pictures, considering the slow speed of the local internet access.


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