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Monday, March 28, 2011

Update from Evensk with pictures

March 26th - 21st day Aiming at Evensk!

So, yes, I arrived in Evensk (N 61-54.802; E 159-13.955) saturday night on Sat March 26th (21st day) after 269kms covered by foot so far. I am due to depart town tonight (Tuesday night) or very early tomorrow morning...

Of course, I would love to write my overdue report and post many more pictures but considering that:

- I have very limited and slow internet access here in Evensk

- I have about 325kms to get to Omsukchan through Tavatum & Merenga and I need to rush because, the frozen rivers are going to melt quickly, my visa is expiring on May 3rd and the bears are going to waker up from hibernation very very soon!

So, I need to go shortly! I have chosen the route via Tavatum and Merenga which is only taken by snowmobile because it is 300 kms shorter than the usual Evensk-Gold mine of Kubaka- Omsukchan taken by Ural/Kamaz trucks...

Looking forward to 325kms of beautiful Tundra!

I will post intriguing pictures and write a long report upon landing in Omsukchan.

Paka Paka! Dima

A typical day on the trail in balmy spring -20c temperatures... It could have been a lot colder! Not complaining whatsoever...

Typical daily campsite....

Tirala- Balok N 62-20.754; E 161-36-956

The only dwelling on the 153kms Vernhiy-Paren to Giziga route!

Very much enjoyed it for one night!

March 24th- 19th day - Departing Giziga...

Familiar faces in Vernhiy Paren

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