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Monday, March 14, 2011

Quick update on day 10th

Current location:
N 62°18.026
E 161° 28.641

March 15th- starting day 10th
I have covered so far 131kms since my start in Paren and 70kms since my last village in Vernhiy Paren. Although, I spent two days in vernhiy paren.

I heard recently via email about the terrible news on the tsunami in japan and my heart goes out to everyone trying to cope with the situation the best they can...
A few of you have asked me via email, if I had felt any repercussion where I am.
I am still quite inland and the only possible related matter I noticed was over the last few days two major snow storms.

As a result, moving very slowly...
Dealt on the first few days with lots of hills, deep snow, ravines, small river crossing with open water, and even broke my 2 harnesses on steep hills that I somewhat temporarily repaired with carabineers as well as broke a bloody tent pole that I fixed with duct tape..

I am also trying to get rid of my cold, and my wounds on my feet which is not an easy thing to do out here...
But at least I am moving forward.. It seems that I am for now out of the hills on to flater lands where I might be able to gain some speed...

Slept at the "emergency/rest" tirala/cabin one day ago. The only dwelling in 160kms. Pushed hard to make it there duting my last snow storm.

Magic...Saw 2 foxes in the evening play a few nights ago....

Will write a much more complete report on the last few days and my departure from Vernhiy Paren soon and/or when time allows...

Paka paka!

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