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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A few shots from Evensk!

Downtown Evensk!

Lenin guarding the Administration building

Old abandoned Gastinitsa/ Hotel.
A reflection of Evensk more glorious soviet past...

Mushing team in dowtown Evensk

Nexus expedition Presentation at the School!

Attending social event in Evensk!

Evens in full display!

Misha, Dima, Kyril...
My 2 great roomates in Evensk!

Magadan - Evensk: Fascinating flight !

Magadanskaya coastline where I am about to embark trekking

Sasha and father Andrei
A great day of Ice Fishing!

Dima & Andrei

Ural, Wezdehod or Kamaz...
Not quite sure yet how I am going to be transported from Evensk to Paren...
The trip should take anywhere between 2 and 30 days to cover the 280kms of almost non-existent trail...

Hopefully, I will not have to travel 280kms on this fast & furious amphibious machine!
But then again... this might be fun!

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