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Thursday, April 15, 2010

2010 Nexus Expedition Pictures

Here is the comprehensive list of some of the pictures I have already been able to post.

If you have browsed through them already, go back and look at them again!
Because, I will continue to post additional pictures progressively to each one of these pages as well as hopefully replace existing ones with higher resolution ones while in Slautnoye and hopefully in subsequent villages as fast as the internet gods allow me to in this somewhat remote part of the world...

Additional story-related pictures have also been added to multiple last month field posts.
Take the time to peruse through them if you wish.

Video footage from the field will be posted once it has been been post-edited by my supportive friends at 1iOpen Productions

The first few Lanscape shots

The first few shots of the Slautnoye-Kamenskoye section

The first few shots of Kamenskoye

The first few shots of travelling with Sergey & Sasha

The First few shots of Brigade #6!

"Vayegi prologue" first few shots, 1st day back on the trail!

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