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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Taking off tomorrow morning to our starting point

A quick update from Vayegi where I was gladly able to get access to the net in the local school.

So, to confirm what I stated in the last post, we are in deed going to start tomorrow morning, about 9 miles North East of Vayegi and we are both thrilled about this, almost as much as mushing dogs at the start of the iditarod race!

I also want to add that despite the very slooooooow internet speed we got here, I was able to post 3 pictures on yesterday's post.

I also want to point out to an interview that was recently posted on in the trekking section on Nexus expedition and that you might enjoy!Thank you Correne for the piece!

Now we need to run to the local баня ("banya": traditional Russian bath house) before it closes!
In Vayegi, it's only open 2 nights a week for men and this is most likely the last time we get to be able to bath for quite some time, probably not until we reach Kamchatka!

Have a great weekend, wherever you are!

I know I will, ecstatic to be back on the trail!

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Anonymous said...

Парни это в ваших силах!
Погоду я шаманам заказал.