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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nyurgun Efremov - Hюргун Ефремов

Nyurgun Efremov is a Yakut who was born in 1975 in the city of Yakutsk, Russia.

In 2005, after five years of university, he graduated from the Law school of the Yakutsk State University.

He lives in Anadyr (Chukotka) and works as a lawyer for the post office.

Among his interests are traveling, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, climbing, wushu, hitchhiking, and studying psychology and humanistic philosophy.

From 1998 to 1999, he hitchhiked alone the following route:
Yakutsk - Irkutsk - Tulun - Moscow - St. Petersburg - Landenpohya (Karelia) - Moscow - Salganda (Gorny Altai ) - Tulun - Bratsk - Baikal-Amur Railroad - Yakutsk .
In 2001 he participated in the search expedition of his father Clement Efremov - an avid outdoorsman and a ultra-runner/trekker, who disappeared in 2000.
In 1999 Clement Efremov had conceived the Yakutsk - Magadan- Uelen-Anchorage expedition, subdivided into three stages.
In 1999, Clement ran the first segment from Yakutsk to Magadan.
In 2000, Clement ran from Magadan to Omsukchan (Galimov) and proceeded towards Evensk, when he disappeared.
The search expedition lasted 2 months in the eastern territories of Omsukchan in Magadan and failed to find him.

In 2005 he made a 14 days solo kayaking trip: Matta - Sinyaya - Lena (covering more than 600 km.)

In February 2006 he completed his third level of mountaineering qualification in the Valley Aktru of the Altai mountains.

February-March 2006, Nyurgun made a solo hiking and - hitchhiking passage route from the Altai mountains to the city of Yakutsk, during which he:
- trekked from Altai (Kokorya) to Tyva (Kyzyl-Khaya ) following wolfs tracks through mountains, cliffs, gorges and mountain passes (covering more than 130 kms).
- ice skated across the lake Baikal from the weather station of Uzury (Olkhon ) to the village of Turka (covering 55 kms in 9.5 hours).
In 2006 Nyurgun went on to the first stage of his planned biking and kayaking expedition from Yakutsk to the Bering Strait, via: Yakutsk - Khandyga - Ojmyakon (which defines the beginning of the territory of Magadan)- Susuman - Orotukan - Omsukchan - Buksunda - Labaznaya - Krestik - the mouth of the river Avlondya on the river Kegali - (which defines the beginning of rhe territory of Kamchatka) - river Shaybovi - River Penzhino and Ayanka.
He trekked approximatively 2500 kms, biked more than 1500 kms, and kayaked approximatively 1000 kms.

In 2007 Nyurgun started kayaking and biking from the village of Slautnoye (in Kamchatka) to the village of Vayegi in Chukotka, (covering 220 kms).
On the fifth day of his expedition (30 kms after Slautnoye) he had to leave his bicycle in the Stlanikovaya valley, being faced with menacing tundra fires.
On the 15 th day of his expedition and after 5 days of kayaking on the river Anadyr-Kuyul, (after having crossed approximatively 30 kms ) his inflatable raft flipped over and sunk.
He proceeded on trekking through the Malyi Maina Mountains where he constructed a new raft, on which he was able to reach Vayegi.

In 2008 Nyurgun duplicated his 2006 route by motor boat through the territory of Magadan, the border territory of Chukotka and Kamchatka (covering more than 1500 kms).

In 2009 Nyurgun Efremov made two biking and kayaking expeditions starting in Anadyr:

-1st expedition along the seashore and went on to the lighthouse on the spit "Russkaya Koshka".
However, for technical reasons, Nyurgun had to return prematurely to Anadyr. (after having covered approximatively 220 kms.)

- 2d expedition from Anadyr to Egvekinot through the following route: Anadyr - Zolotogorie - which is a gold mine on the river Volnyi - the abandoned mine of Holodnyi- followed the river Tnekveem to Uelkal, and finally followed the coast line until he reached Egvekinot.

In March-April 2010, Nyurgun joined Dimitri Kieffer on the Nexus expedition and together they trekked and skied 310 kms from Vayegi, Chuktoka to Slautnoye, Kamchatka, Russia. 

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