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Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 2010 Nexus expedition - Chukotka TV interview

Here is a copy of the short interview Nyurgun and I did for Chukotka TV on March 2d 2010.

We are now planning to leave for Vayegi tomorrow on Tuesday March 9th on ONE Skidoo Expedition snowmobile with 3 passengers and 250 kgs of cargo in a trailer (sleds, gear, food and white gas).
The 3 passengers are Nyurgun, myself and a Chukchi rider needed to be able to return the snowmobile to Anadyr!
Of course, I must admit that I am a bit wary to travel 700kms on ONE snowmobile with 3 passengers and so much cargo but as my friend Viktor Bogariev told me on the phone yesterday: Никто не будет! No one else would do it! And therefore grab whatever option you got to get your butts over here!

At least, it is reassuring to know that in case of mechanical failure, we will have with us plenty of food, white gas and gear to pull it through!

So why did we not leave one or two days earlier?
Well.... because of the snow storm and the women...

Yes, in deed, right now, there is still a Purga/snow storm rolling through Anadyr which we need to wait for it to pass through to start our journey in the safest way.

We also need to wait for the completion of this 3 days holiday weekend, when on Monday March 8th, the Russians celebrate Женский день, the International Women Day!
Why does this matter, because there is a lot of celebration/drinking happening during these 3 days and therefore no man is willing to leave Anadyr to get on the road through the open tundra, no matter what...

So to all the women out there, have a great day!


Cinnamon said...

Wow- that does sound nuts! But your friend is right, get your a--s over there by whatever means you can! As alwayw- wishing you the best of luck!

Unknown said...

Who did I see in that photograph when you were showing the pictures you had in your pocket? Who was that????? Love the hat, love that you are so adventurous! Watched Cheri last night. michelle pfeiffer, yummy!

Dimitri Kieffer said...

Cinnamon, thank you for the encouragement! 80% chance we leave tomorrow on an unscheduled flight.. More on this later!

Raquel, I believe that you were looking at a video that was posted in May 2008 and not the latest one which was posted just a few days ago on Youtube:
Completely detached of any current US movies I must say...

I wish to the two of you a great spring!

leon said...

Dima, privet
I'm glad you're back and thanks god you're fine.

I hope I'll see you. Will you be here in summer?
Well, I wish you good luck now you got a partner and it will be easier for you.
I'm still in Khatyrka.
Bye, Leonid