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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day-3 completed

12/3 Day-3 Completed
Everything good! Current location N64deg20.284 E171deg16.033.

Making progress, just very slowly. I am now going up the Mayn river. I guess I just need time to get acclimated again. Had a "heatwave" today to -20C!

It has been snowing the last two days, adding a lot of fresh and deep snow in front of the progress of my heavy sled. I have been able to see a lot of white birds that look like grouse. No other wildlife. The bears seem to be asleep which is great.

Trying to drop some weight from my sled. I left a partly broken air mattress and some other extra gear at the only cabin I know between my start and Vayegi, . The gear might become useful for someone else stopping at the cabin. I will tell Viktor about it.

Interesting note: because of the cold, I need to reset my pday/computer every day.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Dimitri.

Great to see youre out in wop wops again! Hope everything goes as close to plan as possible :)

I'll keep an eye on your progress.

Hike well!