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Monday, April 14, 2008

Finally able to start my trek in Egvekinot!

I have completed my registration process in Egvekinot which all foreigners must do in major cities and ports in Russia if they are staying for 3 days or more.

This means that I am free from administrative matters for a while and able to start my trek.

I want to thank the local administration of Egvekinot for having been kind enough to store my sled over the last 11 months, while I was waiting to be able to return.

It's -13 Celsius, clear sky and I am excited to start, similar to a dog at the start of the Iditarod !

Egvekinot is an urban-type settlement in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Russia and is the administrative center of Iultinsky District.

Egvekinot used to be an important port, supplying the Iultin mine about 180 kilometers straight north.
Egvekinot used to have more than 5500 habitants which went down dramatically to 2000 after the mine was closed in 1993.

However, it has one of the only 2 ski slopes in the entire state of Chukotka and as I say to anyone here, it could have the potential to become some day a great ski resort for the Far East market.

If the Chukotkan administrative matters ever become simplified, it could become a great location for Japanese skiers (a lot closer than going to Canada) and it is definitely cold enough, global warming in effect or not....

Maybe I should start campaigning for Egvekinot Winter Olympics 2030 !

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