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Friday, July 17, 2015

Future Sections


As of July 25th, 2015, the best guestimate for the total amount of mileage to be covered is 65,500 kms / 44,700 miles.

Dimitri has covered so far 17, 814 kilometers (11, 069 miles) from Anchorage, Alaska, USA to Bukhara, Uzbekistan, which means that approximately 27% of the kilometers have been already completed by foot and cycle.

47,703 kilometers to go...

Click here to read more on the history of the expedition.

Now,  here is what's next:

Thirteenth section from Bukhara, Uzbekistan to Aswan, Egypt

Distance: Cycling 6530 kms (1718 miles) from Bukhara, Uzbekistan until Aswan, Egypt.

Time frame: Starting August 14th 2015 in Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

Click here to read more information about this Bukhara - Uzbekistan section.

Note:  If we are not able to obtain the permission to be able to cycle across Saudi Arabia,  we will then proceed with our alternate route through Iran which instead of taking us southbound towards the strait of Hormuz, will take us straight west towards Turkey, southern Europe, etc...
At that point, we will revise our route and maps, and shared it on this site

Fourteenth section: From Aswan, Egypt to  Cape Town
Distance: Cycling 9524 kms
Time frame: TBD

Fifteenth section: Cape  Town to Florianópolis, Brazil

Distance: Rowing 7000 kms
Time frame: 4 months

Sixteenth section: Florianópolis to Tres Cerros, Argentina (2d Antipode)
Distance: Cycling 3736 kms
Time frame: TBD

Seventeenth section: Tres Cerros to Seattle, Washington USA
Distance: Cycling 15249 kms
Time frame: TBD

Eighteenth section: Seattle  to Knik Lake, Alaska (The starting and ending point of this circumnavigation.)

Distance: Kayaking 3641 kms
Time frame: TBD

We will have completed the entire expedition, upon reaching Knik Lake, after having circumnavigated the globe, crossed the equator and reached two antipodes via human power.

Update on antipodes
July 30th 2015

While further studying our Nexus Expedition route (completed and future sections), and the antipode map, we have been able to define a new set of antipodes, which will be easier to reach, 600 kms closer.

This is once again, in order  to comply with the current definition of a  Human Powered True Circumnavigation.

Indeed, the new antipode is going to be near the town of Tres Cerros, Argentina.
It is located on the eastern coast of the southern hemisphere, 600 kms, east of the previous antipode which was located in  Caleta Yungay, Chile, on the western coast of the southern hemisphere.

New antipode: Tres Cerros, Argentina

As a result, the two new antipodes are:

1st antipode
: N 47° 49' 8.7278"     E 112° 31' 46.2158"
Location: On the trail between Choibalsan and Bayan Ovoo,  Mongolia, which I crossed in October 2014.

2d  antipode:  S 47° 49' 8.7278"     W 67° 28' 13.7842"
Location:  North of Tres Cerros, Argentina, which we plan to reach in the next few years.

New Antipodes: Bayan Ovoo (Mongolia), Tres Cerros (Argentina)

Antipode Map
So, here we are.... Going for a human-powered Mongolian-Argentinian "Earth Sandwich"!


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