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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Launching website and resuming the expedition

47° 55′ 12″ N, 106° 55′ 12″ E
Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

I am  excited to announce to all of you the release of our new website:

For that, I very much want to take the opportunity to thank  Jesse Perrell, Gulnara Kieffer, Erik Nachtrieb, Dominique Blachon and Ikuko Spruce for the great support they have been providing to get this site off the ground!

I also want to announce that I am departing Ulaan Baatar in the next few hours to return to Kharkhorin  to resume the expedition.

Indeed, in Kharkhorin, where I last stopped,  I will be reunited with my bicycle and will start riding it southwest towards the Xinjiang province in Western China.

Now, by all means, please feel free to  peruse through our new website  as well as through our new flickr albums, YouTube channel and Instagram photos.

Over the next few months, we will of course continue to report the expedition progress  in this "old school" blog, as well as  in the new blog format available on our  website.

You  can also  subscribe to our expedition monthly newsletter and/or  follow the expedition through twitter, if you wish.

We plan to complement  the website over time with more photo albums, videos, audios, written stories, expedition tips and detailed interactive maps.

We will  add "humanly translated" versions of the website in French and Russian in addition to the Japanese version which we have already begun to implement.

Thanks to the tool  provided by, the website and blog can also be automatically  "partially"  translated  in 71 languages.

Now, they are a lot of people I would like to thank in Ulaan Baatar for the kind hospitality they have demonstrated towards me over the last few months, as well as many stories and experiences I would like to share. 

However, at this stage, having spent enough time in front of a computer for a while...  I prefer to take the necessary time to reflect on all what I have experienced  in Ulaan Baatar while riding my bicycle through the western Mongolian steppe.   This will lead me hopefully to be able to better share all of these stories in a near future.

For the time being...  I really need to go and ride my bicycle  because I am overdue, I am nearly in a stew!

Dimitri and the Team