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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Back in Yakutsk in early May 2012!

We are currently planning our return in Yakutsk in mid May and to be able to continue the expedition where we last stopped in November 2011.

We plan to start cycling southwest out of Yakutsk towards China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and further on.

We will be posting soon:

- a brand new website to supplement the information posted here.
- a new Nexus expedition video tease.
- additional collection of pictures taken in 2011.
- new radio / TV interviews.
- an updated list of our current supportive sponsors.
- potential details on our future route.
- information on what we have been planning/ whom we have been meeting.

We are definitely excited to be back on the trail very soon!

Stay tuned!

Dimitri Kieffer & Gulnara Miftakhova


MARK said...

Very exciting hope plans and journey go well. Enjoy your posts GOOD LUCK.

Dimitri Kieffer said...

Thank you Mark for the kind words! Glad you like the posts.
We will keep writing and posting the latest news.
Stay tuned!