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Monday, October 27, 2008

Expedition Artwork

Koryak Child in Chukotka


Large Brown Bear 

Here is a gallery of expedition inspired creative work by our friend Benoit Jurion.

These works are inspired by our experiences, our photographs, stories, people, places, creatures and weather we've met along the way. 

Some of these drawings specifically illustrate sections of the expedition that Dimitri lived through but could not photograph because of the dangers involved and the fact that he was travelling alone in April-June 2008 in Chukotka, Russia.


Тундряная куропатка - Snow Chicken, in the snow...

Taking off out of Egvekinot, Chukotka on April 5th 2008. 

Pulling the sled in winter conditions

Pulling the sled along the Lamuskaya River, Chutotka.
Follow the sequential order to see how the landscape evolved from snow to slush to water. 

Dangerous situation where the sled got lodged under an ice shelf. At one point, the sled actually got sucked underneath one of these ice shelves and the strong current took me as well  for a distance of about 15 meters under water and ice, before I was being able to reappear "on the other side" above the water line. 

Using the sled as a kayak and the shovel as a paddle. Note the "evolution": progressively placing my feet in the sled, out of the glacial cold water...

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