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Sunday, June 1, 2008

If you're a praying person now is the time to say some for our friend, Dimitri's having major troubles out there !

Dimitri's traveling in really terrible conditions for the gear that he has with him and it's starting to get him in serious trouble.

He's currently along a river bank with a raging spring river beside him trying to travel on the ice shelf along it's banks - seriously dangerous terrain. I'm hoping beyond hope that he will move inland away from the waters edge to some safer ground but have not been able to communicate this to him since his gear is apparently compromised at the moment.

He left a message saying that his sled got lodged under an ice shelf underwater and in the process of getting it out his bear spray apparently split open and soaked all his gear in pepper spray. He was not sure what his next move would be but reassured me that he had set up camp and was safe for the time being.

The river is apparently raging and there are large trees and other such hazards traveling at fast speeds down it. He is low on food and sounds pretty low on spirits as well. It is a real shame he could not have gotten his propusk earlier so that he could have traveled in frozen winter conditions.

Please send your prayers tundra bound he could really use them about now!

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Anonymous said...

prayer as meditation, I light a candle, and ask the mother to intervene for your safe return, to all that love you and call you friend.... donna