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Friday, May 2, 2008

Our friend has been facing challenging times...

Though Dimitri has picked up considerable speed, averaging about 15 miles per day is having a tough go of it this week.

He had an accident with his stove on tuesday and ended up burning down 30% of his tent (by his estimation). Thankfully the tent has still been able to be erected, but it's ability to keep the elements out has been seriously compromised. Dimitri compared it to a dust storm on the Playa, only the dust is now cold, wet, snow. He has a really good sleeping bag and a bivy sack as well to help him ward off the moisture, but it's been very cold and difficult. On the first night he said he awoke twice during the night and had to sweep out a tent half full of snow - the temperature averaging about 20 degrees.

He was hoping to make it to Anadyr yesterday by nightfall. I talked with him early in his day and he had 20 miles to go but was getting an earlier start than usual. Ihaven't heard from him since so I have no idea if he accomplished his goal or not.

I have sent him a new tent via Bering air which should arrive in Anadyr by tuesday so he may be properly sheltered as he embarks toward Markova. I expect he will have time once he gets to Anadyr and is waiting for his new tent to update us all on what that next leg is looking like. I'm unsure if there is enough snow cover for him to use his sled for this next leg but with any luck he will be able to.

If you can spare any warming and strengthening thoughts he would surely appreciate them greatly about now. I'll update as soon as I've heard how his last leg into Anadyr has gone.

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pamela said...

yikes, the burnt tent is not good news! sounds like your domovoi may be doing some attention getting behavior. I hope 'Ilima's new tent gets to you before any frost bite. i'd actually signed on to post the auroa alert i forgot to add to my last comment..if it is too long the link is,

"Charles Deehr
Time of prediction: 4/28/2008 9:26:00 PM*

Forecast:Auroral activity will be moderate. Weather permitting, moderate displays will be visible overhead in Fairbanks, Alaska, Tromsø, Norway and Cherskiy, Russia, and visible low on the horizon as far south as Marquette, Michigan, Sundsvall, Sweden and Arkhangelsk, Russia.
Additional Forecaster comments: Next active periods are:May 2-12. During these periods, activity numbers will range between 3 and 5.
Viewing the Aurora in the Northern Summer
During the northern summer, sunlight prevents viewing the aurora at high northern latitudes. As the sun climbs in the sky until June 21st and then descends, the nights are too light to see the aurora. Because the magnetic pole is displaced toward North America, the auroral zone shown on our maps is at low enough latitudes to be seen even in the summer. Here are the rules of thumb:
North of 65 degrees latitude, aurora viewing very limited May 1 -- August 10. The auroral index should be 2 or more to see it south of this latitude.
North of 60 degrees latitude, aurora viewing very limited May 15 -- August 1. The auroral index should be 3 or more to see it south of this latitude.
North of 55 degrees latitude, aurora viewing very limited June 10 July 1. The auroral index should be 4 or more to see it south of this latitude.
South of 55 degrees latitude, the aurora should be visible to observers in Canada and the northern US all summer if the auroral index is 4 or more."