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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dimitri is leaving for Egvekinot, right now!

We just received a text from Dimitri: “I am leaving for egve right now.” Egve=Egvekinot. His only option to travel is by armored tank, for 18-24 hours! The next available "tank ride" would be in a few weeks, so he had to mobilize fast to head out.
He was able to buy his way on a cargo wezdehod for a more reasonable sum of $300 (vs $3200 for a chartered one!).
This is more comparable with the one way plane tickets that were currently not available...

Dimitri is the only passenger on this"cargo" tank.
Dimitri is now in route to Egvekinot which is the town where he last stopped his expedition.
This is logically where he will re-start his human powered expedition.
See the picture of the vezdehod in this post.

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