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Thursday, April 17, 2008

And He's off....

Dimitri phoned in yesterday from his satellite phone and reported that though he has been off to a slow start things are going quite well. On his first two days he was only able to cover about 10-11 miles total due to very snowy, foggy conditions and a lot of excess weight. On the morning of his third day (Wed. 4/16, USA) he was able to unload some of his excess gear onto a passing vezdehod, which he will retrieve upon arrival in Anadyr. With the lighter load he was confident he would be able to get closer to his goal of 18-20 miles/day.

The weather had cleared up and the temperatures had dropped to -11 deg. farenheight so he couldn't stand still and talk for long but he was very excited to get trucking. His satellite phone batteries are charging up well with the solar panel, so as long as it's sunny we should hear from him every couple of days.

So please keep your good thoughts with him and we'll update you as soon as we hear more...

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mc heys said...

Hi Ilima,
Thank you for the latest "good news" from Dimitri. This also gives me the opportunity to say hello to you, as I am Dimitri's cousin Marie-Claude and he told us about you (in good terms, don't worry!).
It is a while since I had a look at the blog and I am very pleased to see that he has finally managed to start the next stage of his expedion. So say hello and "merde" to him from Paul and I. And good luck to you two, we will be thinking of you and keeping a closer look at the Nexus blog from now on!
Tak good care.