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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Currently searching for a local guide in Chukotka

Click on this Russian link to see the actual forum.

My new 1 year multiple entry visa is ready and I am waiting to finalize my Chukotkan permits with the local authorities.
I now only have one major hurdle to overcome before I can depart:
as it was brought up to me recently, define with the local authorities whether or not I need to be escorted by a guide/escort.

In the event if I do, here is the ad I have placed on a local Chukotkan forum today to find a local guide/ herder/ hunter/musher/ sportsman or sportswoman.
(Thank you for your help with this Timur and Irene !)

If anyone is interested to spend 60 days with me on the trail between Egvekinot and Kamenskoye, feel free to contact me at

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